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Catch up with the teaching or share a message with a friend!  Messages at Jackson First Baptist focus on contemporary issues facing the church, are thought provoking and most importantly Biblical.  Follow a link below to review a previous sermon series or hear it for the first time.  We pray that in listening to these sermons, your heart is touched and your life for Christ is challenged. 

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  • Join us as we discover the path to Spiritual Awakening.

  • The church is God's chosen vessel for both reaching and growing people.  Join us as we discover the great need we have to be connected to the Church of Jesus Christ.

  • In a world filled with chaos, we are being told to focus on Christmas.  How can

    Christmas change what’s going on in the world?  Join us during this Christmas season to discover who’s in the manger.  The one who first came to the manger can change your life forever. 

  • If GOD were to grant you one prayer request, what would you ask Him to do? In the second half of Paul's letter to the Romans, we are exposed to the glorious truth and application of the Gospel that can save anyone.

  • We live in a day where everything is being challenged.  Truths we hold dear are being challenged by culture and hate.  Is it time to redefine truth or is it time to rediscover truth?

  • Are you tired of losing the battles of life?  Do you find yourself feeling like a failure in your faith? If you answered yes, you are like so many people who are lacking authentic faith.  God intends us to live a life of authentic faith.  Join us as we watch Abraham find this authentic faith.

  • In these messages you will see the greatness of God and the joyous life He intends for you to enjoy.  If you need to have your spirits lifted, this series is for you.

  • Every family begins with hopes of great success, but often they end up struggling for survival.  Some days it doesn’t seem worth the effort.  There is a better way and there is a hope for a second chance.  God's plan for the family is worth the fight.

  • The  Search

    In times of crisis, people are forced out of the normal and into the uncomfortable. It has been said that in times of comfort, people are sometimes nudged into doing things "out of the box." However, in times of crisis the box gets blown up. Join us on September 6th, as we begin the search to find true answers for the mess we are in. 

  • Principles  of  Hope

    Now is not the time to lose hope.  Are you are going through a time in your life where you feel discouraged?  Study with us in I Peter as we review 14 principles and seek for hope to be restored.  

  • Miracles

    We are believing and looking for miracles.  This series takes us through the holiday season beginning with the miracles surrounding the birth of the Savior and looking forward to 2021 as our year of miracles.  

  • GOD's Answers for Our Storms

    Join us for this Wednesday night series as we study the prophecies of Isaiah and as we discover the timeless truth of God’s Word.  

  • The Essentials

    The word “essential” is defined as a thing that is absolutely necessary. If there are essentials in faith we must conclude there are non-essentials of faith. Where we get into trouble is when we invert the two. We get bogged down and easily jump off the path.

  • Urgency:  Making a Difference in the World

    A study of Revelation in relation to GOD's plan for the church in these difficult and possibly last days.  As we look ahead to Christ's return, Revelation gives us what we need to make a difference now.

  • Who We Are Now

    A Study of Ephesians.  The Bible teaches us of the powerful impact of Grace on our lives. This Grace comes before our salvation and works in our salvation. But this Grace continues to work in us after salvation.

  • Reality:  The Journey from Bondage to Blessing

    A Series in the book of Numbers.  What do you do when your theology of GOD runs into the wall of reality?  See how the Israelites and you can make the journey from bondage to blessing.

  • Intercession

    The most critical work of the church today is the work of intercessory prayer. To intercede simply means to seek God on behalf of others (James 5:16).  In this series you will discover how to effectively engage in powerful and life changing prayer before the one true God.

  • What's Next:  The Confessions of an Apprentice

    Every Christ follower needs to know what's next in his Christian life.  Come discover who GOD is and delight in the life he wants you to live as we study First, Second & Third John.

  • Joy in the Journey

    There is enough sadness in the world.  It has been this way since the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden.  If you are looking for joy, join us as we study the book of Philippians.  This series of message is sure to lift your soul even when it seems there is no hope. 

  • Apprentice:  A Year at the Feet of Jesus

    We have been commanded to go and make disciples, but how can we do that if we are not disciples ourselves?  This series in the book of Mark teaches us not just about Jesus, but how to know Jesus.  

  • What Does the Future Hold?

    In this series we will discover what the future holds for the world.  We will see how a prophet of God lived in his present, walked by faith and looked to the future.  This series will help you and I to live in with certainty in the days of uncertainty.