Jackson FBC

Communication Plan

The purpose of this Communication Plan is to standardize the marketing of events at JFBC and allow every event to be promoted as effectively as possible. This document will set the expectations of what the Media and Communications Team will provide ministries in our church for various promotion needs.

All details in the Communication Plan are a generalization, and they are subject to change based on many factors including time of year, staff availability, volume of events, executive decisions, etc.

All requests must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event via the Ministry Request Form.  Any project submitted after the deadline is not guaranteed any of the communication laid out in this plan.

Event Marketing Levels

Each event request received through the Ministry Request Form will be given a marketing level of A+, A, B, or C. This decision is made by the Communication Director in accordance with the criteria listed in this plan.

Communication Channels

Below is a list of all the channels available for marketing events and activities at JFBC. Channels are available based on what level the specific event is assigned to. During seasons with a large volume of events, priority is given to higher level events.

On Campus

  • Sunday Announcement (video or live)
  • Sunday Bulletin
  • Pre/Post-Service Slide


  • Digital Bulletin
  • Registration Event (Events & Signups)
  • Website Scrolling Banner
  • Digital Calendar Event
  • Monthly Newsletter

Social Media

  • Event Promotion Post
  • Facebook Event


Communication Channels

Below is a list of channels available to specific ministries that are not maintained by the Media Team. It is encouraged that each ministry has a strategy to communicate directly to the members of their ministry.

• Elvanto Group

• Emails

• Social Media Account

• Facebook Group

• Local Radio