Keepers Of The Kingdom VBS

June 19 - 23

Hooray!  It's time to change into medieval times - a world brimming with breathtaking castles, regal knights and queens, fire-breathing dragons, and epic battles.  Parents, your knights will learn to be a part of God's kingdom and wear the armor of God.  Our Royal's Majesty's kingdom is under attack, and we must prepare for battle!


"We exist to love GOD and make disciples of all people."


It all begins with coming together to worship and learn.  As a church, we aim to love everyone in our community with the same love Christ has shown to us. The work of our church is aimed at directing others towards the Savior in the hopes that they will encounter the one true GOD and be transformed by His love for them. Through all we do, say, and preach, we pray that we will shine the light of Christ to all those we encounter.


We exist, as a congregation, to love God and make disciples.  We accomplish this through exegetical preaching during our Sunday services, individual Bible study and also through personal worship and relationships in a Community Group setting.  


It is the heart of our church to put our faith into action by meeting the needs of the people in our community, our state, our country and around the world. Rather than simply tell people about the life-changing love of Jesus, we want to show them by the way we serve them. Our faith inspires our work and it is our prayer that our work would lay the foundations for new relationships, life-changing conversations, and ultimately, salvation in Christ for those we serve.