The Nursery will be closed until August 16th.

We would like to reiterate:

  • We are still taking Covid precautions to ensure we have a clean facility.
  • Be aware with Covid, people present a variety of symptoms. Out of an abundance of caution for our community, if you do not feel well in ANY way, please stay home and notify your medical provider.

Under Georgia law, there is no liability for any injury or death of an individual entering our premises if such injury or death results from the inherent risk of contracting COVID-19.  You are assuming this risk by entering the premises.

New Series

The  Essentials

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges in the physical, financial, and emotional realms.  Most importantly, this year has challenged the strength of our spirituality.  Everyone, both believers and non-believers, either consciously or sub-consciously has a ranking system in place that they use to determine what they pursue, add, and keep in their lives.   It might look something like this: a wanted luxury, a wanted nicety, something somewhat wanted, a need, a “kind of” need, and lastly, an essential.  

A Daily Devotion has been written in conjunction with this series.  Our hope is that you will take time each day to read the daily devotions, answer each day’s questions, and be prepared to discuss your answers and any questions you may have with your Sunday School classes and Community Groups.    You can download the study guide here.


Courageous  parenting

Sometimes it feels as if the best we can do as a family is to survive.  The ups and downs of life leave little energy or hope of doing more than simply gritting our teeth and plugging ahead with life.  Come spend four weeks with us as we

share together

encourage one another

learn together

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Courageous  Parenting  Schedule

You are invited to this four week adventure in parenting and find out how to grow a family by the grace of GOD through the guidance of His Holy Word.  Join us for four Wednesday evenings beginning August 19th from 6:15 - 7:30 pm.


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August 19th

It Takes Three to Make Parenting Work

Men's Breakout - The Loving Leadership of a Husband and Father

Women's Breakout - The Sacrificial Love and Nurture of a Wife and Mother

August 26th

Parenting: An Uncommon Calling

Men's Breakout: Taking a Stand In Your Home as a Father With Law and Grace

Women's Breakout: Taking a Stand In Your Home as a Mother With Law and Grace

September 2nd

Homeland Security - A Family of Integrity

Men's Breakout: Will the Real Dads Please Stand?

Women's Breakout: Will the Real Moms Please Stand

September 9th

Building a Rock Solid Family

Men's Breakout - Raising Eagles

Women's Breakout - Becoming Silent Partners

Join Us At Jackson First Baptist


It all begins with coming together to worship and learn.  As a church, we aim to love everyone in our community with the same love Christ has shown to us. The work of our church is aimed at directing others towards the Savior in the hopes that they will encounter the one true GOD and be transformed by His love for them. Through all we do, say, and preach, we pray that we will shine the light of Christ to all those we encounter.

Learn with us!


We exist, as a congregation, to love God and make disciples.  We accomplish this through exegetical preaching during our Sunday services, individual Bible study and also through personal worship and relationships in a Community Group setting.  

serve with us


It is the heart of our church to put our faith into action by meeting the needs of the people in our community, our state, our country and around the world. Rather than simply tell people about the life-changing love of Jesus, we want to show them by the way we serve them. Our faith inspires our work and it is our prayer that our work would lay the foundations for new relationships, life-changing conversations, and ultimately, salvation in Christ for those we serve.