Gather.   Grow.   Go.

It's the heart of our church to put our faith into action by meeting the needs of the people in our community and around the world. Rather than simply tell people about the life-changing love of Jesus, we want to show them by the way we serve them. Our faith inspires our work and it's our prayer that our work would lay the foundations for new relationships, life-changing conversations, and ultimately, salvation in Christ for those in our community.

  • How  we  Gather


    Mission Activities, Retreats, Lock-Ins, Summer Camp, Wednesday Praise!


    Camps, Seasonal Events, Mission Activities, Truth Hunters Bible Club


    Weekly Bible Studies, MOM Mondays, Retreats, Crafting Fellowships , Construction Ministry, Hearty Bunch, Community Missions

  • How  We  Grow

    Here at Jackson First Baptist we are making disciples through intentional teaching.  We accomplish this through:

    Sunday School  &  Community Groups

    Discipleship University

    Mentoring Programs

    Youth Leadership Team

    Sunday Worship Services

    This is not happening in Jackson alone.  We are actively partnering with other churches both nationally and globally to equip their local pastors for the purpose of establishing healthy churches.

  • Where  we  GO

    Go ye therefore...  

    The family of Jackson First Baptist is personally involved in multiple missions throughout our community, our state, our nation and our world.  These ministries are varied and include:

    Project Turnaround

    Hand N Hand Food Pantry
    Nursing Homes
    Kentucky Missions
    Malawi Africa
    Honduras Medical Missions