• Discipleship  University

    Will  resume   January  24

    Due to the inclement weather,Wednesday night Bible Studies will now resume January 24th. Join us in one of these three classes:

    Disciplines of a Godly Man

    Disciplines of a Godly Woman

    Praying With Paul

    Please Contact Us if you would like to sign up or just request more information.

    Remember - You do not have to start with us to finish with us.

    If you are just learning about this opportunity, feel free to join in at any time.

  • Wed  Night  Menu:

    Pork Chops, Lima Beans, Salad, Mac & Cheese, Roll and Dessert.

  • D2L  Training

    If you are working in one of the following ministry areas:

    Children          Students          Bus Ministry          Project Turnaround

    and have not had the Darkness to Light Child Abuse Awareness Training, please register for the class to be held on February 4th, from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. 

    Request more information or sign up here.

  • Mom  Monday

    Loving Others Well

    The First Monday of every month is for Moms of all ages.  

    Join us February 5th at 9:00 am to be challenged by God's Word and learn a new skill

  • Adorned

    Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

    Women's Bible Study will resume January 9th and 11th and we will be studying together through the book Adorned. There are three weekly Bible Studies, and childcare is available during one weekly session. There is one sure to fit your schedule.

    You do not have to begin with us in order to finish with us! Join in at anytime, we would love to have you. 

  • 2018 Bible  Reading  Plan

    The Bible Reading Plan for 2018 will go along with the Apprentice Series.  Download your own copy of the Reading Plan each quarter and walk with us in this journey through Mark.

    This link will also take you to other resources available for this series.

Jackson FBC & Me

We joined FBC when we were a young married couple of 7 years and had 2 small children.  We prayed that God would put us where He wanted us so we would be able to grow spiritually and where our children would be loved and grow in the fundamentals of the Christian life.  Since we joined, we have had the joy of experiencing the love and compassion that helped our family to come to know Jesus better.  Wealth or other education could not have given them what they learned here as our church family nurtured them to love God and taught them how to grow into the strong Christian adults they are now.  We will forever be grateful to the ones who touched their lives........ Read more