2019 Sermon Series

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in a rut?  Does it seem as if your life has lost its fire for GOD?  For many Christ followers, the problem comes when the new wears off their decision to follow Christ.  For others, it is the lack of information concerning what's next in this new life of faith. Every Christ follower needs to know what's next in his or her Christian life.   In 2019, we will begin our study of First, Second and Third John.  Join us as we delight in the LORD and learn more about Him and how He wants us to live.

The study resource, What's Next is now available.  You can either order this book online or following the worship service.  You can also download the second quarter Bible Reading Plan for this series.

If you missed a sermon in this series, or would like to share it with someone, visit our Sermon Archive for this series.