If men are to be strong and able to "stand fast in the faith" then men must be familiar with God's Word.  All men are invited to our Ironmen Bible Study led by Pastor Cary.  It is held each Wednesday morning at 6:00 am.  Breakfast is free and the fellowship is priceless.

February 27             Jeremiah 1

March 6                   Jeremiah 3:1-15

March 13                 Jeremiah 9:1-6

March 20                 Jeremiah 16

March 27                 Jeremiah 18: 1-11

Mighty Men

Our first goal is to lead men to Christ, but it does not end there.  Our men's ministry is constructed to equip men to become Godly leaders at home, at church, and beyond.   Only then can men successfully meet the demands of being a husband, a father, an employee and a Christian in today's world.  

Along with faithful study, accountability and worship, the men of Jackson FBC are actively involved in ministry both locally, nationally and internationally.  FBC could not accomplish all we strive to do without the hard and dedicated work of our men.  They share a variety of gifts, including:  teaching, construction, mentoring, cooking, planning, security, transportation and much more.  If you are tired of sitting on the sideline and God is calling you to serve - we have a place for you!