Sewing Fellowship FAQs

Download this pdf file for fabric yardages and other information.

1.  How do I register?  Scroll on down past the FAQs, and you will find the online registration form.  Now do not scroll too fast!  There is a lot of good information between here and there.....

2.  Why is there an information meeting?  There will be sewing types of all skill levels and with all kinds of questions concerning supplies and fabric.  We will take care of all the logistics and be ready to jump right into sewing come April.  (Be sure to read rule number 6 - just sayin')

3.  How long do the classes last?  Until the last person quits sewing or the Rapture, whichever comes first.

4.  What is a mystery quilt?  You will be given a set of top secret instructions that will guide you through the mission you will need to complete that month.  At the end of 8 months, there will be a reveal, and all the squares you made throughout the course of the class will be put together in a beautiful quilt top.  

5.  How long will it take to finish the project?  Your quilt top will be finished during our November meeting.  If you would like yours to be quilted in time for Christmas, you will need to make a reservation with a quilter prior to completing your top.

6.  How much does it cost?  There are no fees for the class, but there ARE fines.  Be sure to bring some quarters with you.

7.  Can I bring my child?  No, childcare will not be provided and free range kiddos are not conducive to sewing.  If you would like for your child to learn to sew, then they must be at least 14 years of age and you must have sewing experience.  Your son or daughter will also have to sit at your table so you can both supervise and instruct them.  They will not be allowed to wander about or leave the sewing area, but then neither can the adults.

8.  What size is the quilt?  You will have a choice of 4 sizes.  If this is your first time, you might want to consider one of the smaller sizes and save the king size quilt for your next project.  Remember, a border(s) can be added to make the finished top larger if needed.  Here are the sizes:  

  • Crib    32" x 32"
  • Wall Hanging    48" x 48"
  • Double/Queen    64" x 64"
  • King    96" x 96"

9.  What if I cannot sew?  None of us could until we started!  There will be folks of all skill levels, so there will be plenty of advice and sharp eyes watching over you.

10.  Do I have to come to both times?  No.  If there is enough interest, we will have two sessions each day so everyone can attend.

11.  Can I come to both times?  Of course you can!  Just let us know you are coming so we will be ready for you.

12.  What if I miss a meeting? WHAT!  Miss a meeting?  You cannot receive your monthly assignment early, so do not even ask.  We will work out a time for you to pick them up following the class.  See rule number 6.   

12.  Can I share supplies with someone?  Two or possibly three could share supplies such as a cutting mat or rotary cutter, but just know you might have to wait.  There have been classes where two people shared a sewing machine, it is possible, but it can be tedious at times.  It would be best if sewing supply partnerships are arranged at the first meeting, so everyone will know what exactly they will have access to. 

13.  Does the church have a sewing machine I can borrow?  The church does have a few sewing machines, but not all are in top working order.  If you would like to have one serviced and then use it during our time together, we will work out those details.

14. Will we sew anything else? Throughout the year, we may have special mission projects for those that are interested.  Our first priority is getting everyone comfortable with a sewing machine and making those first stitches.  If folks want to continue sewing after the Mystery Quilt is completed, we will find another project and sew on!

15.  Where will we be sewing?  That is a good question and it will depend on how many are interested in participating.  Right now, plan on entering the doors between the Fellowship Hall and Multipurpose Room.  For security purposes, the doors will be locked fifteen minutes after the start of class.  We will still let you in, but you will have to knock.... and knock loudly.....  louder than the sewing machines, but most importantly - louder than all the cackling.

16.  If you ask a great question, we will include it here, so fire away....

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