Holiday  Food  Drive

It is time for our annual food drive! We will begin to intentionally gather food on November 9.   Using the list below,  put the day's item in a box and pray for the family that will receive the food.  Get the kiddos involved by letting them:

  • remove the food from your pantry and placing it in the box each day
  • decorate the collection box
  • write Bible verses or references on the can tops or boxes
  • lead in the prayers
  • help with the shopping

The Reverse Advent will finish up on December 2nd.  That will give us plenty of time bring the food to the church before the December Hand N Hand Food Pantry.   Bring your box to church with you and leave it in the Welcome Center or let us know if you need someone to come pick it up. 

The food pantry team could always use a hand, so if you would like to volunteer with the food pantry, send your information and we will pass it along.

Reverse  Advent  Calendar

Each day, add an item to a box.  As you add your item, pray for the family that will receive your gift of food.  If you have children in the home, let them take an active role in filling your box. 

November 9  - box of cereal

November 10 - peanut butter

November 11 - stuffing mix

November 12 - instant potatoes

November 13 - macaroni and cheese

November  14 - canned fruit

November  15 - canned tomatoes

November 16 - canned tuna

November 17 - dessert mix

November 18 - applesauce

November 19 - canned sweet potatoes

November 20 - cranberry sauce

November 21 - canned beans

November 22 - box of crackers

November 23 - package of rice

November 24 - package of oatmeal

November 25 - pasta

November 26 - spaghetti sauce

November 27 - chicken noodle soup

November 28 - tomato soup

November 29 - can corn

November 30 - can mixed vegetables

December 1 - can carrots

December 2 - can green beans

Food  Drive  Bonus

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