Apprentice Resources

God calls every true believer to the path of an Apprentice.  This year, we have determined to become an apprentice of Jesus as we study about Him and His disciples.  Below you will find several resources that will assist you as you study Jesus' life and ministry with us.

2018 Reading Plan

Each quarter we will post a new Bible Reading Plan created specifically for our journey through the book of Mark.  Follow along as we make daily preparations for the week's Worship Service. 

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

If someone asked you to share with them what you believe about Jesus, could you do so with clarity and effectiveness?  Jesus gave the church the command to go into all the world and make disciples. 

It is impossible to direct someone to a place you have never been.

In this year long devotional book, you will have the honor of sitting at Jesus' feet, along with the twelve disciples who have become apprentices of Jesus.  You will come to the end of the year with a new viewpoint of Jesus and will know Jesus as did the early church.

You can order the book online and join us in our journey through Mark.