Christmas In August

Why Christmas in August?

Because in Malawi, school starts in September and Christmas would be too late.

In our village of Mpyupyu, we feed the children's bodies through sponsorships and the feeding centers.  We feed their spirits through Bible Clubs, building churches and training pastors.  Now we have the opportunity to feed their minds and change their futures.  There are 134 children in the village that cannot afford to go to school.

A single donation of $25 will

purchase the required school uniform

pay the necessary school fees and

provide basic school supplies

for the entire school year.

Operation Ornamentation

The Truth Hunters have spent their summer making ornaments and we have a Christmas Tree in the Welcome Center.  Everyone is invited to take one and place it somewhere so it will remind you to pray for both our students in Jackson and in Malawi.  You can put your offering in the envelope and leave it in the offering plate or you can give online.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty.